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12 January
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im mark.
i want my music fast and loud.
i love my girlfriend rebekah, REAL hardcore, hiphop and grind.
2pac, 7seconds, 97a, 9shocksterror, 9th wonder, a tribe called quest, agnostic front, antidote, atari, battery, behind enemy lines, black flag, black sheep, blood for blood, bloodred bacteria, bold, bones brigade, burn, burn what binds, carnivore, caustic christ, chain of strength, champion, christ on parade, civ, converge, creation is crucifixion, cro-mags, crucial youth, d.o.a., d.s.-13, dead boys, dead prez, death before dishonor, death threat, deep wound, dilated peoples, donnybrook!, dropdead, drowning nation, drugxtest, dys, electrocutionerdz, fastxbreak, fear, floorpunch, follow through, fuck on the beach, gang green, gang starr, gayrilla biscuits, good neighbor policy, gorilla biscuits, guns up, gza, hands tied, hatebreed, hit the deck, ill bill, immortal technique, in my eyes, infest, insted, intense youth, irate, j-live, jedi mind tricks, jeromes dream, jerry's kids, judge, kill your idols, knife fight, living legends, lovelostbutnotforgotten, madball, maraduer, mdc, mental, mf doom, minor threat, modern life is war, mr hyde, municipal waste, nas, necro, negative approach, negative fx, not being posi, nwa, one king down, one life crew, orchid, over my dead body, phobia, poison idea, rain on the parade, rambo, rancor, real hardcore, real hiphop, rebekah, reversal of man, ringworm, rjd2, rotten sound, rza, sage francis, second chance nl, senseless apocalypse, septic death, shark attack, sheer terror, sick of it all, side by side, skarhead, slapshot, slayer, ssd, stand and fight, state of alert, staygold, stormtroopers of death, swarrrm, sworn enemy, take your shot, tapped out, tear it up, teen idles, ten yard fight, terror, the big boo, the dead milkmen, the suicide file, the warriors, time will tell, twofold truth, uniform choice, up front, vio-lence, vitamin x, voice of reason, warzone, wu-tang clan, xalone in a crowdx, xfilesx, xlooking forwardx, youth brigade, youth of today